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Andy Day

November, 2009




Over forty years now since we were all a “Band of Brothers” and we still are.  We didn’t have that description back then, but we can adopt it now with pride and with new meaning.  Welcome to our web-site.  It is hoped that this site helps us in memory of those who have fallen and also helps to heal all of us wounded so that we can then help others.  By doing so, we honor those who are gone.

We all have shared visions of both our futures and past.  Some are very difficult, but we are not alone.  We are brothers in a very unique and shared way, both to heal and to learn.  Hopefully this site helps us all and brings us new wisdom and ways of living our lives that is healthy and helpful.

All of us are still marching on a very long journey.  Often the weight that we carry upon our backs is heavy, but we continue to go forward.  How easily we remember the trauma and how easily we forget the times of laughter, camaraderie and close bonds which formed as we lived, slept and fought together for our beliefs.  We bring new meaning to the idea of a “Band of Brothers” and we hope this web-site expands upon the vision which we all share together.

Again, welcome.  We missed you, but you found us all.

                                                                                    Patrick Flanagan
                                                                                                         C/1/8 - 1968

P.S.  There are a few Pat Flanagan recollections under Writings & Stories.


* * * We're back up and running - sorry for long hiatus - check back for updates * * *



* * * 12th Annual C/1/8 Branson Reunion * * *

Nov 5-11, 2017

Hello everyone, 

It's time to start planning for our 12th annual C/1/8 reunion in Branson during their Veterans Week Homecoming Celebration, Sun, Nov 5 - Sat, Nov 11, 2017. Last year we had about 32 attendees and hopefully this year we’ll have many more. As soon as you can, please let me know if you are planning on coming along with your dates of arrival and departure and where you will be staying. As soon as I have compiled a list, I’ll send it out so that everyone can see who is attending this year. Someone might see your name on the list and that will encourage them to come. As we have said many times before, if you are tentative about coming to our reunion, take that first step. I can almost certainly promise that you won’t regret it. It’s hard to put into words what a rewarding experience it is to share stories that can cause tears, but can also heal hidden wounds and fears. The camaraderie and bond amongst us is quite heartwarming. Please come and enjoy this experience with us.
Here’s a link to the Fall edition of the Branson Bugle with further event details:

Please click on our "Reunion News" page for further information.

Below are the attendees as of 9/22/17:






Andy & Sue Day

314 757 6035

Sat, Nov 4

Sat, Nov 11

 Surrey Resort – Carriage Place

Bob & Brinda Robbins

501 318 3332

Sun, Nov 5

Sun Nov 12

 Cooper Creek camp site

Greg & Carina Robbins

501 620 0276 

Sun, Nov 5 

Sun, Nov 12  

  Cooper Creek camp site

Frank & Theresa Wernet

314 435 0838

Sat, Nov 4

Sat, Nov 11

 Inn at Falls Creek

Horace & Barb Beasley

256 603 1509



 Cooper Creek cabins

Butch & Brenda Mauldin

704 783 8630

Sun, Nov 5

Sun, Nov 12

 Cooper Creek camp site

Pat & Lois Carnes

205 317 9240



 Angel Inn

Teddy, Violet & Bruce Fisher

330 461 1050

Mon, Nov 6

 Sun, Nov 12

 Cooper Creek cabins

Darrell Calvert





Bob & Sandy Hahn (tentative)

760 271 4776




Van & Lynn Waugh

989 245 2469



 Cooper Creek cabins

Willie (TN) & Nancy Cardin

662 671 3301

 Sat, Nov 4

 Sat, Nov 11

 Wyndham at the Meadows

Tom & Elaine Steffen

509 860 5870

Sun, Nov 5 

Sun, Nov 12 


Buddy & Kathy Compton

417 545 1006



 Live in Branson area

Floyd Kitchen

435 862 3265

Sun, Nov 4  

 Sun, Nov 12

  Motor Carriage Inn

Lois Oostenink

712 539 1500




Larry & Marilyn LaFon

214 477 0457

 Sat, Nov 4

Wed, Nov 8

 Cooper Creek cabins

Tom Lorenzini (tentative)





Conrad Utecht (tentative)

630 932 4544









Paul & Jan Hobbs (bugler)

573 442 4945



 Cooper Creek camp site








* * * 2017 National 4th Infantry Reunion * * *  

100th Anniversary of 4th Infantry Division Celebration

Fort Carson, Colorado Springs, CO

August, 2017   

This past August 2017, seven of our C-1-8 brothers along with their spouses attended the 2017 National 4th Infantry Division Reunion at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs where they helped celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the 4th Infantry. A great time was had by all. Some of their activities included visits to Fort Carson where our C-1-8 brothers proudly marched in the Pass & Review and everyone especially enjoyed the fellowship and camaraderie experienced with all the 4th Infantry brothers and their spouses in the hospitality room as well as hitting the dance floor at the R&R Dinner Dance. If you missed this reunion at Fort Carson, they have another one planned for 2020. I highly recommend you making plans to attend. 

Here are some photos from this event:


Evening out for group dinner.  From left: Bob Hahn, Herb Gagne, Cyndi Gagne, Van Waugh, Lynn Waugh, Theresa Wernet, Andy Day (in back), Sandy, Hahn, Sue Day, Jeannie Czernowski, Eric Czernowski (in back), Frank Wernet



At the Fort Carson Pass & Review proudly wearing their C/1/8 shirts.  From left: Herb Gagne, Bill Dunn, Andy Day, Frank Wernet, Van Waugh, Eric Czernowski, Bob Hahn


4th Infantry veterans proudly marching in Fort Carson Pass & Review celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the 4th Infantry Division.  Our C/1/8 brothers are in third row.  The "old boys" still had it - they looked mighty good!



Enjoying the hospitality room:  Photo on left, from left: Herb Gagne, Bob Hahn, Van Waugh.  Photo on right, from left: Herb Gagne, Bob Hahn, Van Waugh, Eric Czernowski, Andy Day



To view more photos from previous reunions click here

Will be adding photos from last few reunions soon.

C/1/8 dinner at Charlie’s Steak & Ale – seated from left: Steve Sheffield, Ken Oostenink, Pat Carnes, Van Waugh, Horace Beasley; standing from left: Bob Robbins, Ray Donis, Dennis Wolf, Terry Cogswell, Bill Fleming

Old friends reunite – from left:  Eric Czernowski, Frank Wernet and Van Waugh

From the same platoon with their lieutenant – from left:  Dennis Wolf, Bill Fleming, (Lt.) Robert Hahn, Ray Donis, Bill Fleming, Craig Hartwick

Annual C/1/8 picnic – kneeling from left: Rich Dalton, Ken Oostenink, Van Waugh, Paul Hobbs (Buglar), Butch Mauldin, Buddy Compton, Teddy Fisher, Dennis Wolf, Andy Day; standing from left: Frank Wernet, Horace Beasley, Pat Carnes, Steve Sheffield, Bob Robbins, Eric Czernowski, Bill Fleming, Bob Hahn, Ray Donis, Terry Cogswell, Clayton Rye, Jim Orr, Craig Hartwick

4th Infantry Hospitality Room – front row from left: Eric Czernowski, Terry Cogswell, Van Waugh, Dennis Wolf, Clayton Rye, Jim Orr; back row from left: Horace Beasley, Teddy Fisher, Frank Wernet, Pat Carnes, Steve Sheffield, Rich Dalton, Butch Mauldin, Bill Fleming, Bob Robbins, Andy Day


81st Annual Veterans Day Parade – behind banner from left:  Teddy Fisher, Ray Donis, Andy Day, Frank Wernet; Rob Robbins carrying 4 Infantry flag and Pat Carnes carrying POW flag with others following behind



4ID 'Walk of Honor' Monument dedicated July 18, 2013


Some of our C/1/8 fellows and their wives braved the heat and humidity and were in attendance for this monumental event – Frank & Theresa Wernet, Eric & Jeanne Czernowski and Buddy & Kathy Compton.

On the 95th anniversary of the 4th Infantry Division’s first battle, Soldiers, veterans, family members and special guests of the division came together at Fort Benning ’s Walk of Honor near the National Infantry Museum to dedicate the unit’s official monument.

Among the special guests was Chief of Staff of the Army Gen. Raymond Odierno, a former commander of the 4th Infantry Division.

“I have never been more proud to have this patch on my right shoulder as I am today,” Odierno said. “I think about all those who have given their lives and sacrificed so much for their country and their unit.”

The monument honors the division’s past and current campaigns, while also leaving space for future campaigns.  Odierno said this aspect of the monument’s design was representative of what it means to be a U.S. Soldier.

“Being a Soldier in the Army is about understanding the past, being prepared in the present and then preparing yourself for the future,” he said. “What today really is about is remembering the past and those who have sacrificed so we can have this great country today. Whenever we do a memorial service like this, it’s really important to remember how many men and women have raised their right hand and said, ‘I’m willing to sacrifice my life for what we have here in the United States .’ That’s what this memorial is about. The 4th Infantry Division has been an integral part of that for more than the last 90 years.”

The monument is nine feet tall, cast in bronze and features the 4th Infantry Division patch design of four ivy leaves joined at the stem and positioned at the points of a square.

In his speech, Odierno remembered the sacrifices of all who have served in the division during the past 95 years.

“Our Army and our Soldiers are the best in the world because they stand on the shoulders of our veterans who have come before them,” he said. “This monument represents nearly 100 years of service by the Soldiers and veterans of this great division. This monument recognizes all those who volunteered and sacrificed their lives to make our country just a little bit better. This monument celebrates the camaraderie we have shared by wearing the ivy patch of this great unit.”




To view photos from previous reunions click here




How this all got started



Great historical footage:

Video about the history of the 4th Infantry in Viet Nam - YouTube video

See newly found 4ID video from Vietnam  Expand to full screen and Enjoy!



  Steadfast and Loyal   Learn about the MIA Flag


Guestbook|Forum|Photo Albums|Reunion News

History|Roster|Links|Photos|Writings & Stories|Swamp Fox

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Andy Day

November, 2009


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